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High Quality Famous Decorative Marble Rodin Sculpture Replica for Sale MOKK-520

The Rodin the Kiss sculpture for the sale of Kiss’s original purpose was to represent the tragic love stories of Paul and Francesca. Today, the sculpture of Rodin the Kiss for sale combines pornography and idealism, is considered an iconic image of love and passion, and is one of the most famous sculptures in the world.
Item No: MOKK-201
Material: rodin sculpture replica
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Place Of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipping

Ancient Stone Craving White Marble Ares Gd of War Statue MOKK-81

The God of War statue, a Greek art marble sculpture poster printed in 400 BC, is an authorized reproduction printed on high-quality thick paper that captures all the vivid colors and details of the original. Try to hang directly on the wall of the poster wall putty or frame it for a more formal look. In any case, this poster is a good complement to any room.
Item No: MOKK-81
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Place Of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Transport: Mainly By Sea,Express And By Air Is Also is OK
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipping
Accommodation on the top of Mount Olympus. Twelve Olympians gained their superiority in the world of Gods after Zeus led his brothers and sisters to victory in the war against the Titans.

What is Unique about the Ares God of War Statue from Youfine?

Although the statue of Ares is a manifestation of the physical aggression necessary for the success of the war, the Greeks were skeptical of him because the statue of Harris God of War was a dangerous and overwhelming force that could not be met in the war.

Outdoor Garden Decorative Marble Atlas Statue Carrying Paradise BOKK-80

The Atlas statue was sold from YouFine. Atlas,titan was once the mythical Greek giant of the world, defeated in the battle against the Gods of Olympus, and ruled on behalf of the Zeus family.
As a descendant of Titan, Atlas took part in the Titan war with Zeus, but Zeus sent the Titans to the west of the Earth, and the sky was carried on his shoulders to prevent conflict in the world.
Goods No.: BOKK-80
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Origin: Hebei, China (mainland)
Transportation: Mainly by sea, express and air transport is also OK Payment method: T/T,30% deposit, and 70% pre-shipping balance

Can the Three Graces Statues of Natural Marble be Exposed to the Outdoors?

The female marble statue depicts the daughter of Zeus, representing joy, grace and beauty from left to right. The female statue graciously presided over banquets and gatherings to please the guests of the gods. Therefore, they provide inspiration for many other historical artists.

Hand Made Life Size Famous Ancient Greek Statue for Hot Sale MOKK-79

Centaur’s famous ancient greek statue, often portrayed as savages, and not civilized in Greek mythology, or even famous ancient greek statue is known as the famous statues of Centaur’s Chiron,
Item No: MOKK-79
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Place Of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Transport: Mainly By Sea,Express And By Air Is Also is OK
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipping

How Many Styles of White Marble Fireplace in the Market Nowadays?

Many lean towards the European classics, or the American design of the hearth, while the use of the cultured marble fireplace surround seems very wide. As for classical furniture, a cultured marble fireplace surround can make the space very textured, and a well-designed marble fireplace can be made in a classic living room in a fireplace format, which is combined with marble material and sculpture , which makes the living room very special.

Natural Granite Antique Marble Animal Lion Statue for Sale has A Unique Feature

Lions of marble can do something that we are adult lions and your houses, and lions of marble are weathered from original copies from Wales for several centuries. This is similar to engraving, not stones, but in fact it will be distributed for a long time. A noble and two-inch beast surrounded by a door in the doorway or courtyard.

Famous Garden Hand Carving Farnese Hercules and Minotaur Statue for Sale Mokk-78

The statue of Hercules and Minotaur was a favorite marble sculpture of the Romans, and many examples were seen in the palaces and gymnasiums of Rome.
The statue of Hercules and Minotaur is carved from the marble Lisopp, a sculptor of Greece who lived and worked in the time of Alexander the Great.
Item No: MOKK-78
Keyword: Hercules Statue for Sale
Keyword: Life Size Marble Statues for Sale
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Place Of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Transport: Mainly By Sea,Express And By Air Is Also is OK
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipping

What special details need to pay attention to white female statues?

When humanity was still in the paleolithic era, some primitive stone sculptures, white marble statue and dice. a statue of white marble is relatively constant in traditional sculpture art submissions are tangible suggests objects visible and static.

The famous hero of Heracles statue of life-size marble statues for sale MOKK-75

Transport: Mainly by sea, express and by air is also OK
Payment term: t/T, 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipping
Statue of Hercules for sale Farnese Heracles, after antiquity.
The Hercules statue for sale was a favorite of Roman marble sculptures and can be found in the Roman palaces and gyms.
Carved in marble by Lisopp, a Greek sculptor who lived and worked at the time of Alexander the Great.

Clients feedback of white marble 2 tiers outdoor water fountains with sitting woman statues

Large outdoor White marble 2 tiers decorative outdoor water fountains allow you to easily add a beautiful focal point to your home front or backyard.  And white marble 2 tiers outdoor water fountain makes an unforgettable impression. 

Is there a difference between a cross and a crucifix?

The cross and crucifix is different, the shape design is different, and they are use in different religious sect. The cross was just a “T-shaped” statue for the crucifixion, now more like a Christian victory symbol. However, the cross is any image depicted with the body of Jesus on the same cross. Statues of Catholics are free to use and can be exhibited in their churches, although most Catholics choose to show the crucifix, while many Protestant churches choose the cross. In other cultures, the images depicted on the cross may also portray Jesus ‘ suffering more vividly.

4 ways to clean and maintain your marble statues

Marble has long been an important materials for sculpture carving more than thousands of years. Marble statues are in different designs, dimensions and colors.Whether marble stone statues are place indoor or outdoor garden. it needs regular care and cleaning to maintain its smooth, delicate appearance.

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