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Trevi Art Sculpture


Why we need to clean the marble sculpture in the right way?

Marble has long been an important material for outdoor garden sculpture and monumental compositions, notably in religious settings. Whether related to a significant event or as a mark of remembrance, a monument will often become an important focal element in an architectural space.

Jesus christ disciples – apostle Saint James Santiago in Spain

Saint James followed Jesus as one of the 12 disciples. He proclaimed the gospel after Jesus’ resurrection and was martyred for his faith. Saint James was a loyal disciple of Jesus. He apparently had outstanding personal qualities that are not detailed in Scripture, because his character made him one of Jesus’ favorites.The apostle Saint James was honored with a favored position by Jesus Christ, as one of three men in his inner circle. The others were James’ brother John and Simon Peter.

Why is Stone (Marble) best material to made of church altar?

Since wood is subject to decay, the baser metals to corrosion, and the more precious metals were too expensive, stone became in course of time the ordinary material for an altar table. The earliest decree of a council prescribing that an altar table which is to be consecrated should be of stone is that of the provincial council of Epeaune France, in 517.

Classical church wall decor– religious marble carving relief sculpture

Wall art relief is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term marble carving relief is from the Latin verb relevo, to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.

One of the most important church furniture–church lecterns and pulpits

The Ancient Greek bema (βῆμα) means both ‘platform’ and ‘step’, and was used for a variety of secular raised speaking platforms in ancient Greece and Rome, and from those times to today for the central raised platform in Jewish synagogues. Modern synagogue bimahs are often similar in form to centrally-placed pulpits in Evangelical churches.The next development was the ambo

How many visions of our lady virgin mary do you know?

We all know that St mary have different names in different countries and areas culture, and the design and postures of virgin mary is also different. There show you some of our classical designs of catholic outdoor statues of our lady virgin mary.

Do You Want to Know Three Secrets of Our Lady of Fatima?

Of the hundreds of alleged apparitions the Catholic Church has investigated, only twelve have received ecclesiastical approval, and nine of them occurred between 1830 and 1933.At the age of fourtee...

How much do you know the most beautiful Fatima catholic garden Sculpture?

The known universally Religious Sculpture -Mary which is called Fatima in Egypt is a good faith symbol. Fatima does not mean "fat". Fatima is a name give to the mots nice, beautiful and funny girl ...

The miracle of the mother Mary statue, the symbol of the pure heart and ideas

Mary, the mother of Jesus, the religious figure of Christianity and Islam. The biographies of Mary and the saint of the saints can be contrasted with the rest of the gospels.These references inclu...

The purged: the mother of Jesus, Madonna

Madonna has different names and identities in different countries and denominations. In Christianity, Madonna is often called the virgin Mary because she believes that without her husband, she c...

Catholic church sculptures the madonna and child statue for sale

  Our Catholic church sculptures the madonna and child statue is designed and produced according to our Italian customer for his Garden Decoration. The Life Size madonna and child statue ma...

How much do u know about such posture sculpture of Madonna and child statue

  As we know, the Mary which has different names in different countries is same person in fact.  but we can do thousands of designs about the Madonna with Jesus Statue. In the city- Bruges ...

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